Praise and Worship

Praise and Worship is such a vital part of our lives. The word says, “He inhabits the praises of His people.”

When we sing, dance and express our heart to the Father, He is there. When He shows up things change. We can be healed, set free, refreshed and changed by spending time in worship. When David ministered before Saul, tormenting spirits even left!

Worshiping causes us to forget about our problems and focus on the answer. It brings great hope and encouragement.

We believe in expressing ourselves in singing, dancing before the Lord, raising our hands and clapping. Worship also prepares our hearts to hear the word and be changed.

We have many gifted musicians but most of all anointed musicians to lead others in worship. So long the church as a whole has run musicians off out into the world because drums or guitars or other instruments were not accepted in the religious church. We believe as in Psalms that we are to express worship with all instruments and with our voice, which is an instrument also.

He said if we don’t worship Him even the rocks would cry out. He has created us to worship. Everyone is a worshiper of something. People everywhere worship (their jobs, money, other people, themselves). We were created to worship. Let’s come together and worship the Father of all creation!